Chapter 1

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Quest for the knowledge started since that terrible day. You can call it unfortunate or fortunate day. Unfortunate because, I was close to finding the knowledge and fortunate because I was still with the person whom I loved up to no extent. 

That was the day I decided, once my beloved leaves me for good I will start my quest for the knowledge. Its been 3 days since my she left me. I finished all the work of sending her properly to the place where she can have peace and attain incredible knowledge.

I started my journey from my home town, Udupi which is located on the west of Karnataka. I left all my belongings, money, etc., at my place and carried enough money and clothes which will help me to reach my destination. 

I had to board the train to Banglore and I was waiting for the train to arrive at the station. As I was waiting, the first sign of knowledge showed up in the form of small girl. She was cute, had sharp features and was around 7 years. She was looking at me and smiling. I smiled back at her and that's when I realized that she was successful in making me smile after my beloved one left me. She whispered in her mom's ear and her mom looked at me and smiled. I returned the smile and was a bit shocked when the girl left her mom's hand and made her way to me. I noticed that the girl was walking in strange way, it was more like floating. I couldn't see her feet as she was wearing a long skirt which covered her feet. She came to me and rather then extending her hand for a shake, she folded them in a proper way and said "Namasthe". I was surprised at this, but I returned her greeting with "Namasthe". She asked whether she can sit on my lap, as I was found of children I said yes. She climbed onto my lap and sat. She was looking at me with full concentration and was smiling. I was just looking at her and smiling. I asked her what was her name and she said, " Shakti and I know your quest for knowledge". I was a bit taken back and was looking at her shocked. She started to speak once again, "The place where you are planning to go is the right place for you to start but you need to visit a place before going there as the journey for the quest of knowledge starts from there. It is the primary source for everything in this whole universe." I was still looking at her shocked and she said, "won't you ask me where and what it is?" That's when I asked her the question, she said "Its Manasarovar" and she jumped out of my lap and folded her hands once again and said "Namasthe" and went back to her mother and I noticed once again the way she was walking. I didn't return her "Namasthe" as I was still in shock. I closed my eyes for a while and opened them and nudged my friend who came to send me off and asked him whether he noticed the strange behavior of the girl? He replied, "Brother, which girl are you talking about?" that's when I pointed out to him the place where the girl and mother were standing and I was shocked as they were not there! He said, "Brother you slept for a while and you dreamed that." I didn't say anything to him as I was drowned into my thoughts. 

What just happened is not a dream as I was sure that the girl was there in real along with her mother. Was thinking about what she said about Manasarovar. That's when, heard the sound of train approaching the station. I got into it and was bidding my farewell to my friend. He said, "Brother, you really don't have to do it. Please think about it once again, its not too late." He was the only person who knew what I was doing, but didn't know where I was going. He knew that I might not return back and this will be the last time he will be seeing me. I said, "Brother, you know what I am looking for and I want to achieve it. You just take care of your self and everybody." The train started to move and folded my hands and said "Namasthe". Within few seconds, he was out of my view and I was on my way to quest for knowledge.